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5. May 2022
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Vorländer Media Group uses HUP publishing system for its advertising journal

SWA optimizes insert control with HUP Logistics

The task for the HUP team – simplification of complexity. For the SWA, which is published on Saturdays by the Siegerländer Wochen-Anzeiger publishing house, this means: advertising journal and preliminary product, a maximum of 28 inserts, two production lines – and the resulting requirement to be able to manage production in an issue- and route-optimized manner so that the weeklies can be delivered with the inserts appropriate to the region in the corresponding areas.

Not easy, but definitely feasible with the flexible HUP logistics system. Insert control and optimization is carried out efficiently and largely automatically by using the software. The result: cost savings through process automation.

Furthermore, there is even more to be said for using the HUP software:

  • If more than 28 insert orders are booked for one publication day,
  • the distribution of a smaller print run is desired or
  • the inserts cannot be inserted due to weight, dimensions, etc., the relevant inserts are systematically processed as individual brochures for efficient distribution.

Alternatively, it is also possible with one click to move the inserts to a separately produced pre-product, thus making insert booking even more flexible and efficient. Messenger payroll for the weekly paper’s delivery staff is also integrated into the HUP service. “We are very satisfied with the changeover (to HUP logistics). The partnership-based cooperation with the HUP team has resulted in an “insert optimization” that enables simple and efficient processing – even of large insert volumes,” says a pleased Annika Hüsch, a sales professional.

Based on the positive experience and mutual support, an expansion of the HUP services at the Siegener Zeitung is planned. The local daily newspaper from the publishing house Vorländer & Rothmaler sells around 46,000 copies with partial editions in Wittgenstein, Altenkirchen and Olpe and has already been working with the HUP publishing system Paradise for two years.

More info at https://hup.de/verlagssoftware/logistik


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