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16. December 2021
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27. January 2022

HUP congratulates

KressPro names Stephan Schrader Advertising Journal Manager of the Year!

BVDA Managing Director Sebastian Schaeffler also on the short list.

“For many years, he has been fighting for the genre with his owner-managed publishing house and has made his titles an authority in the circulation area,” is the reason given by the jury of the “kress Awards 2021: The 100 Heads of the Year.” Unlike many ad paper publishers, Schrader has continued to invest in editorial staff even in tougher times and has maintained the scope of his weekly newspapers.

The following industry managers were also honored. On the jury’s shortlist are:
Christian Gulden, pd Media Sales
Anja Kalski, Anzeiger Verlag
Hermann Krupp, Krupp Verlag
Carsten Lohmüller, Delta Media Service
Bernd Maas, Egro Direktwerbung and
Sebastian Schaeffer, BVDA

The awards highlight achievements in sales and marketing, from the publisher’s climate neutrality to successful aspects of digitization.

BVDA Managing Director Dr. Jörg Eggers sees the awards in the industry magazine as a success for the entire media genre of the advertising journal as a whole: “In addition to the individual successes, a separate industry category within the Media Manager of the Year competition means that the advertising journal genre has lost none of its importance, even in challenging times.”

To the BVDA announcement:
To KressPro and all other award winners:

The HUP team congratulates all managers!


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