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HUP has been supporting advertising publishers for over 30 years with established high-quality software solutions and tried and tested services. With the unique complete solution HUP Weekly Solution Suite, ad publishers of any size from A to Z can optimize and accelerate their processes and save resources. Your future-proof investment at a glance.

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5 advantages at a glance

  • Complete solution for advertising journals
  • Fast ROI
  • Integrated editor eliminates costly InDesign or XPress licenses Multichannel publishing
  • Faster execution of standard processes
  • High standards in project execution guarantee a fast GoLive

HUP editorial staff with integrated editor makes ad publishers completely independent of cost-intensive InDesign or XPress licenses – and also ensures a fast ROI. HUP Redaktion supports editors in multichannel publishing (print, online, Twitter, Facebook) and offers important standards such as NEWSML G2 in addition to geo-tagging.

HUP page planning & pagination ensures perfectly designed newspaper pages and much more: thanks to professional automation, publishers can carry out standard processes faster than ever before – from generating page and column headers to automated pagination of classified ads, etc. The real-time and WYSIWYG display of all content as well as the direct control of Adobe InDesign from HUP page planning also help in the conception of optimal results.

HUP Ads is an ad management system. The client-capable standard solution, built according to the business partner principle, covers the administration and maintenance of master data up to multi-level complaint management controlled by alarm states. The Basic Solution HUP Advertisements is also an information and marketing system (integrated CRM) with which the sales process can be actively supported and sales increased.

In addition, the HUP WebAnzeigen module, also included in the complete solution, offers an ad editor for smooth ad management – on the Internet and on all mobile devices.

HUP Sales & Logistics ensures the smooth handling of the entire sales and logistics process. The solution covers areas such as minimum wage administration, business partner management, carrier administration, dispatch processing, invoicing, accounts receivable management as well as quotation and order processing. The transport levels can be freely combined and the sequence and assignment of unloading points can be changed quickly. The software manages the remuneration process and supports processing. Furthermore, the connection to common shipping systems is standard. Conclusion: HUP Sales & Logistics is a future-proof customer service tool.

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