HUP PS.Delivery

Logistics- and delivery-portal

The portal solution PS.Delivery is your new browser-based portal with which you can manage all delivery processes in your company in a simpler, clearer and faster way. The software can be operated independently of technical platforms from PC and Mac as well as via mobile devices (smartphone, tablet).

In addition to the HUP Basic-Solution HUP Abo&Vertrieb, the portal is designed as your central work base for delivery. Sales managers, sales inspectors, sales employees and delivery staff are provided with personal areas with all information for their roles. Each role has its own dashboard specially tailored to the task. If more details are required, the user simply clicks one level lower. We already offer different roles and the close cooperation with our customers in the development process means that we are constantly expanding. The roles are currently available: Administrators, sales managers, sales staff, sales inspectors and delivery staff.

Example: Delivery staff
In the “deliverer” dashboard, the deliverer can call up his activities to be performed, including details on each delivery round with geocoded information on all distribution areas, packing slips and routing lists, paid invoicing times and target and actual times.
One click in the Activities area is all it takes for the deliverer to see what he is supposed to do on this working day – from the delivery rounds, the items to be distributed per delivery round / district to the distribution of letters.
The planned target times for the delivery round are automatically displayed and help with planning.

For the delivery rounds, the deliverer receives important information on the number of subscribers, the products to be distributed (including third-party products), complaints and changes as well as the addresses in a distribution area on a clear map.
If a different time is entered, i.e. the “actual time”, the carrier must enter a reason in the form of a comment. The sales inspector checks the time entry and comment and can release the deviating time.

The contact details of the responsible sales inspector or sales employee in the publishing house are displayed under “Contact person”.
The deliverer has protected access to his pay slips and can download them as PDF files.

Example sales inspector
The sales inspector (VI) can use his dashboard, for example, to take immediate action in the event of a delivery employee’s absence due to illness, mark “critical districts” and keep an eye on them.

Under “Check complaints”, the VI is shown how many complaints it has to check and process. The same applies to deviating actual times. The VI also sees important “messages” filtered exclusively according to its employees.

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