PS.eWorxx – From the ad typesetting to the Publication

The new generation advertising production

From the ad typesetting to the correction workflow and the Publication – up to 30% time savings and more security

Quicker and safer than ever before. Your optimal advertising production with PS.eWorxx
PS.eWorxx supports your advertising production by optimizing workflows – from ad typesetting, correction workflow to final publication. The software developed by HUP imports order data from the ERP system (ad management) and prepares them for the production employee in such a way that he can determine which steps are due for the next production and, above all, the status of the task in the workflow.

With just one click, the the layout program opens an empty document in the commissioned size (Adobe InDesign® or HUP Editor). The typesetting templates supplied with the order (digital job folder) are available online for immediate further processing. This allows to start designing immediately.

For existing ads as well
If an existing ad is to be changed, direct access to the template is possible – long searches are a thing of the past. Once the ad is finished, the customer is notified by e-mail, including a web link, that his ad is ready for approval. In the online approval portal, changes/corrections can be requested with a single click or the final approval can be given.

PS.eWorxx enables you to work with your internal and external employees regardless of their location: the software’s full functionality is available in the browser and not only in the production locations, but also in the home office.

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The benefits for you

Production employee

  • Time-consuming search for files is no longer necessary
  • All necessary data at a glance
  • Location-independent working
  • Greater employee satisfaction
  • Greater safety & fewer errors

Production Manager

  • Best overview of the status quo of the tasks to be completed
  • Assignment of more complex orders to specific employees
  • faster work preparation


  • Location- & time-independent approval of ad motifs in the browser on any end device as well as correction notes directly on the motif
  • Significantly accelerated correction and approval of ads

Publishing house

  • Cost reduction through time saving
  • quality improvement
  • No advertisement can be forgotten
  • Fewer complaints due to customer involvement in the integrated approval workflow

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