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For publishers with daily newspapers, advertising journals & corporate publishing offers. You take care of the best possible product, the rest is coordinated by our solution.


Topics and service portfolio (excerpt)

  • Automatic generation of page headers
  • Automated, category-dependent category header design
  • Automatic exposure on receipt of the content from the editing/setting department
  • Real-time display of content and status
  • Direct control of Adobe InDesign from within page planning
  • Multi-user capable
  • Background displays (large area display as background of other displays)
  • (Online) reservation calendar for ads
  • Etc.


The HUP page planning helps you to execute standard processes faster than ever before with a multitude of automatable and configurable functions – from the generation of page and column headers to the automated pagination of thousands of classified ads and much more.

Optionally available with PRIME interface
Of course, you can also purchase HUP page planning with a certified PRIME interface. This allows you to automatically assign the print profiles to your PRIME-capable printing press without having to store them manually.

Sophisticated screen mask and simple operation
This reduces project training times to a minimum and accelerates the execution of day-to-day tasks. As a result, with HUP page planning, even telephone directories with 1,000 pages were automatically paginated in no time at all.

Our common goal: the perfectly designed newspaper page
The real-time and WYSIWYG display of all content (editors, ads, fillers) as well as the direct control of Adobe InDesign from HUP page planning support you in this. With HUP page planning, you always have a complete overview of the status of the pages and which objects or ads are still missing. As soon as an ad has passed through the correction workflow, you will see the finished result on the page.

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