Distribution quality assurance through registration and deregistration procedures of the deliverers

Distribution areas – always up to date

HUP VQS-Online is a live status monitoring of your distribution districts. In your personal area of the portal www.vqs-online.de you can see the status of your distribution areas at any time.
From now on there is no longer any doubt as to whether a distribution has already been successfully completed, has not yet been started or whether there is a current problem during distribution.

Status message – optimize without loss of time
Depending on the number of areas to be monitored, you will receive a number block containing both area codes and status information. The deliverer simply stores the VQS online phone numbers of his area(s) in his mobile phone and uses them FREE of charge for the following status messages:

Red – Problem occurred, request callback

Yellow – Start distribution

Green – Distribution completed successfully

Try it out free of charge
The status messages are structured in your personal area at www.vqs-online.de by different colouring of the distribution areas – this display is almost instantaneous. On the portal you will find free sample phone numbers. The status change is displayed directly in the area for which you called. It is as simple as that.

VQS-Online at a glance:

  • No investments in hardware/software
  • No additional technical
  • Requirements for your hard-/software
  • No dependence on your
  • distribution software used
  • Low, monthly flat-rate usage fees depending on the monitored areas
  • Simple operation and therefore no training period
  • Telephone numbers provided by VQS-Online
  • The technical handling of incoming calls takes place in the computer center and does not burden the system landscape in your company

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