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With our paywall service you are and remain completely independent of your CMS


Your content is king.
One of the most important tasks and business models of modern publishing houses is therefore the successful marketing and monetization of content – profitably and at the same time user friendly on all channels.

The ultimate solution: HUP Paywall Service. The software module from HUP’s unique portfolio allows you to implement a paywall on your website quickly and cost-effectively and is completely independent of the content management system used in your company.
Management System (CMS).

Simple handling. Fast and future-proof.

HUP Paywall Service works installation-free, runs lean and future-proof with web services and invisible to the user in the background. Modern technologies such as integrated SSO (single sign-on) or social injection (integration of Facebook and Twitter) offer your users and customers an enhanced user experience and ensure recurring visitors. The integration into existing authentication systems is possible on social networks as well as on payment services such as PayPal and your ERP system. The separation between free and paid content is done automatically by integrating it into specific departments or areas within the website. The filters can be freely defined by the user.

Monetisation. We protect your performance.

HUP Paywall service works as a “translator” between the CMS or “unprotected” content and the public Internet. Each website exists in virtually different versions depending on login status, usage and configuration. This way search engines automatically get the view of the content that corresponds to the “small text snippets” according to the German law on ancillary copyright (LSR),
without making the paid content available for free.

The features at a glance:

  • Multi-client capable for any number of websites (top level domains)

  • Login via SingleSignOn possible, the HUP-SSO can also be used freely for authentication of further services

  • Registration via social networks or PayPal

  • Registration via login data from your ERP system possible via individual connector or flexible WebService interface

  • Instant invoice for PayPal payment in HUP Subscription & Sales

  • Limitation to a configurable number of devices per customer (browser fingerprinting) and usage period (parameter: number of devices per usage day)

  • Preview of the site with (re-)selected settings before production

  • Existing bookmarks remain functional

  • Possibilities for statistical evaluation of reading and consumption behaviour

The snippets at a glance:

The HUP snippets enrich your CMS with additional functionalities. The differentiation or creation of content is done in three categories:

Paid and indexed content
By separating indexed and paid content, you can bring search engine traffic to your site and still release your content only after payment / authentication.

Free content
Is configured according to department or website area, so that dpa messages, for example, are passed on free of charge, but self-produced content can only be read in full against payment.


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