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Simple content marketing and distribution on all mobile devices. Access to the web via mobile devices has long since become part of everyday life. Every modern media house has an app for iOS and Android that is easy to use, maintain and cost-effective.


  • Drive forward customer loyalty, new customer acquisition, paid marketing, bonus models for subscribers or cross-media advertising offers
  • Play to the full the strengths of your current reporting
  • Newsreader app recognizes read articles and can recommend similar articles to your reader
  • User can set the e-paper to be downloaded overnight at home via WLAN
  • Many additional modules optional
  • Adapted to the look & feel of your home

The “Walsroder Zeitung” is an example of the successful integration of our comprehensive solution in a local environment. With the HUP Newsreader app you have all advantages and possibilities: Customer loyalty, new customer acquisition and paid marketing, such as bonus models for subscribers or cross-media advertising offers, are just some of the reasons in favour of the HUP Newsreader app.

Watch Live
You are also welcome to get a personal impression, just have a look at the HUP Newsreader App of the Walsroder Zeitung live. You will find it for iOS and Android.

Our customer “Elbe-Jeetzel-Zeitung” also uses our newsreader app: iOS and Android.

Above all, as a content house you can fully exploit the strengths of your current reporting and bundle all potentials in your own company. Your news will be slightly shortened and automatically prepared for mobile use. Via the HUP newsreader app, whose user interface can be adapted to the look and feel of your company, users can read content as e-paper and benefit from all digital features. RSS feeds or content are read directly from the editorial system for the news. The newsreader app recognizes articles that have already been read and can recommend similar articles to your reader. In addition, the user can set up the e-paper to be downloaded overnight at home via WLAN so that it can be accessed immediately the next morning and its mobile data volume is not overloaded. Or he simply and conveniently activates the service “Notifications” in the APP in order to be actively informed about current articles and news in the status information of his mobile phone without having opened the HUP Newsreader APP.

Additional modules are optional: Reader and photo reporters, classified ad entry, classified ad market, radius search (e.g. ads, articles, news, local events), event calendar, event management and digital vouchers.

We support you and your team with our software and are happy to advise you.
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