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Basis for your success

Use all possibilities of the HUP CRM with a service flat rate.
In the current and future competitive situation in the media market, the efficient use of a professional and flexible Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is a key success factor for publishers. Due to the high transparency of all marketing measures, media companies have full cost control and enjoy measurable savings advantages if the control options for workflows and processes are consistently used.


The HUP subscription CRM service at a glace

  • Bookable by all customers using HUP Sales P5
  • Runs for one year at a time and extends uncomplicatedly
  • Cancellation period is six months
  • CRM-related service catalog from HUP, e.g. including
  • new advertising keys
  • New selection elements
  • target group selections
  • regular polls

How to stay flexible
P5’s HUP CRM offers you exactly these sophisticated workflow and control options that go far beyond a conventional system. Practice shows that many media houses do not make use of these comprehensive possibilities in daily use. With the HUP subscription CRM service, HUP offers its customers with P5 sales systems the cost-optimized opportunity to use all the advantages of CRM in their company. The HUP team ensures an even deeper, automated integration into the publishing system. You remain flexible and benefit from all the advantages of a flat fee.

Simply buy HUP Credits
HUP offers you three packages (small, medium, large) with a fixed number of so-called credits. You use these credits in the contract year for selected services from the CRM-related service catalog. To enable you to optimize the use of your HUP CRM according to your needs, the term is limited to 12 months and is automatically extended only after expiration. If you have more needs in the current year, you can of course book additional credits as part of your chosen package.

Each of these services is stored with a value in “Credits”. You can choose between three credit packages (small, medium, large). With each of these packages you acquire a fixed number of credits, which will be used during the contract year. If the credits are used up, additional credits can be purchased for the selected package.

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