HUP Subscription & Distribution - Daily newspaper and logistics solutions

Planning security - Know more about customers

Turn your subscribers into predictable business partners: HUP Subscription & Distribution presents a comprehensive, freely configurable overview of business partners. Our Geo-Information System (GIS) helps you capture, process, organise, analyse and present geographic data.

Monitor business processes - Automatically
HUP Subscription & Distribution monitors business processes, enables detailed customer card management, and maps all customer traits. Green, yellow, red - the automated traffic-light function ensures a quick overview so you can step in and optimise at any time in a freely configurable way.

Optimal opt-in management - In all areas

Professional opt-in management is the basis of successful selling. It also saves you time, money and nerves. HUP Subscription & Distribution builds a systematic and efficient process chain that allows for quick views of the valuable data in clearly laid-out documents and analyses.

The tool can also be used to create and maintain digital business partner files, for reader recovery and upselling strategies, e.g. extending subscription contracts into a print/e-paper combination, automated rewards allocation, and also to improve service quality.

Valid leads - Even better control
There is no alternative to a 100-percent validation of the quality of your leads. From non-reader marketing to reader recovery, HUP Subscription & Distribution can handle all relevant lead generation systems and provides all the tools needed for the statistical analysis of detailed information.

Campaign management - It’s a priority

There’s a lot of money involved: professional customer management includes the best possible handling of complaints and the successful recovery of cancelled subscriptions. HUP Subscription & Distribution optimises workflows, process controls, and contact history management.

Logistics management is complex - But not a problem
Logistics can be a margin killer. But they don’t have to be. HUP Subscription & Distribution maps the entire logistics structure: transport levels can be freely combined, and the chronological ordering and assignment of unloading points can also be changed quickly. Daily assignment to unloading points and inserts management on the packing slip are also no problem, and all parameters are individually and easily definable at any time.

Returned mail is expensive - We lower your costs

Non-delivery is part of the everyday routine for daily deliverers. In the case of no-shows, HUP Subscription & Distribution takes over the entire management of complex payment procedures and supports you with the most uncomplicated processing possible.

Third-party interface - Get there faster

The third-party newspaper interface eliminates the need for manual entry of change alerts. The interface allows for optimised data exchange with all national publishing houses in Germany, so you can use your delivery logistics even more effectively.

And there is still more to know:

Integrated single copy sales system - Simple and good

Whether you’re dealing with newspapers, magazines or Panini picture cards – our integrated single copy sales system lets you optimise the management of all forms of retail distribution. Wholesalers, railway stations, booksellers, special sales points, 24/7 shops  or ‘silent salesman’  can be individually controlled and evaluated.

The automatic processing of ISPC data via EDI is a given, and wizards support you in adjusting prices, quantities, and orders, and when entering new objects into the system.

CRM system - Up close and personal with your customers

The integrated CRM system seamlessly interacts with the distribution system and handles the creation of individual and serial mail-outs, target group selections, and cross-selling activities. Enrich your customer data with any number of interests and contact information, and use it in your marketing campaigns.

Mobile Tools - Who knew time management could be so efficient?

HUP has developed a delivery portal (Online Logistic Information System) for perfect route management. It not only saves time and money, but also increases customer satisfaction. Letter and newspaper delivery agents log in via their mobile phone before and during their delivery tour, and their carrier reports are displayed in live mode. The latest information for optimised delivery, the best routes, along with order volumes and address changes, etc. can be added.