HUP Logistics - The perfect control and organization of the distribution and delivery

Perfect delivery - Perfect service

HUP Logistics guarantees optimal control of distribution and delivery, and also serves as a perfect customer service tool for integrating all kinds of customer requests, including complaints, and handling them as easily as possible.

Its standard functionality includes being able to access the integrated CRM features when processing deliveries of supplements, brochures and specials. This lets you offer your customers perfect service while saving time and money.

So many tasks - So much support

HUP Logistics support your employees with automations and assistants that handle recurring tasks or significantly speed up their execution. Compatibility with the major manufacturers’ most common packaging machines in the market makes for a seamless workflow from publisher to (third-party) printer to drivers and deliverers.

HUP Logistics gives you the perfect solution for your networked tasks. It covers such things as business partner management, delivery agent management, shipping, billing, accounts receivable management, and order processing, as well as the optimisation and automation of your sales structures.

Take complaints seriously - Eliminate the causes

Even the best media houses and sales organisations have to deal with customer complaints. Complaints can be the result of missing newspapers, late deliveries or many other reasons. HUP Logistics gives you the ideal tool to handle customer requests professionally and quickly restore your customer’s satisfaction.

Beyond this and more importantly, the complaints management in gives you a way to determine the cause of the complaint, putting you in a position to remedy these causes and to avoid further complaints.

Manage your delivery agents - Easily

If you organise the delivery of your newspapers yourself, you can rely fully on HUP Logistics’s great qualities in managing delivery agents. All the data for contract preparation and agent renumeration is recorded and updated in HUP Logistics. User-definable templates for the contract documents let you produce a full set of forms at very short notice.

Wages are also calculated in HUP Logistics, and you determine whether only the movement data is to be transferred to your payroll software via a standard interface, or whether the master data should be included as well – it's that simple.