HUP COMET - The asset accounting, payroll and salary statement solution

COMET PA payroll accounting

COMET PA is centered aroubd your master data, with easy to use user prompts that guide users through all the complex processes, with well over a hundred evaluation options. ITSG certification for DEUEV notifications, the encrypted delivery of ELSTER data and many other services are provided as a matter of course; COMET PA corresponds to all legal requirements of German (International sinnvoll?) tax and social security law.

The easily installable software offers each user a multitude of unique product principles. Anyone who uses COMET PA at their company can simply and practically control highly technical payment processes with a few clicks of the mouse via the intuitive user interface - from monitoring registration status to calendar management.

The extremely flexible and configurable salary type and booking management system guarantees a constant overview of all complex operations. This applies, among other things, to formula parser in salary types and the independent definition of input variables and booking mechanisms.

In addition, COMET PA creates sophisticated internet communications for all available public collection points software manufacturers and your own employees, consisting of features such as update management, internet notification service and encrypted and signed emailing of payslips.

Additions to the COMET portfolio - You have the choice

At HUP, you get the following services and solutions from a single source: the COMET PKP Personnel Cost Planning and COMET PI Personnel Information modules are available as complementary solutions for the professional management and planning of all processes that might arise.

COMET FA Asset Accounting - Business assets under control at all times

COMET FA provides professional management of the business assets of small and medium-sized companies. The certified COMET FA Asset Accounting programme handles the master data management, allows for any number of freely definable evaluation areas per client, and includes all the relevant as well as individually adjustable depreciation methods, including the documentation of depreciation curves. In addition, with a few clicks of the mouse users can easily access all relevant evaluation options. For companies with international operations, COMET FA offers a multilingual client concept at user level.