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HUP Book - For all "bookmakers"

Uncluttered screens - Save time and energy

Efficiency is crucial. HUP Buch uses clean, well thought screens. You only work on the information you really need for your daily work. The screens support you with specific proposals while entering data.

Easy to use - Fewer clicks

HUP Buch helps you get your work done faster: in just a few, self-explanatory steps. You enter the item and the quantity:

HUP Buch creates a complete order. Invoicing, document preparation, archiving and despatch are performed automatically with a single click. Assistants support you with more complex tasks such as sending standing orders or individual data queries.

Efficient address management - The basic feature

HUP Buch prevents duplicate addresses: each address only exists once. Accurately mapping of corporate hierarchies with branch offices, departments and contact persons.

Optimum workflows. From idea to costing to implementation.
HUP Buch supports you at all stages of your project. An idea is born and fleshed out with documents, images, manuscripts, notes and emails. During costing, you can simulate various scenarios (costs, revenue requirements, print runs, various versions, etc.).

The optimal version is planned as a project and implemented. HUP Buch monitors deadlines, tasks, costs and resources. The departments involved and authorised employees receive automatic notifications about completed projects and upcoming deadlines.

Orders - Enter them quickly and cost-effectively

Flexible items management completely covers the marketing, sales, shipping and invoicing of books, electronic media, online access and other items. All customer-specific terms and conditions are automatically applied when a new order is entered.

The ordering, billing and delivery address, as well as invoicing and delivery dates, etc. can be subsequently changed in the orders. HUP Book facilitates the administration of standing orders, follow-up shipments and advance sales – the system automatically identifies and manages them.

Efficient automation supports you in performing recurring tasks such as invoicing, initial mail-out and the winding up of pending orders. You have complete control over invoicing and document preparation.

Analyses. The basis for planning your success.
HUP Book gives you salient figures with the click of a mouse. Relevant statistics can be viewed directly in the system. Information about ordering behaviour and contact history support you in day-to-day dealings with your customers.

The optimum solution - At a glance

Your complete HUP solution for all requirements

  • Customer data base
  • Product management
  • Series management
  • Price management
  • Discounts management
  • VAT handling
  • Order processing
  • Standing orders
  • Invoicing
  • Costing
  • Book production
  • Initial mail-out
  • Document retrieval
  • Loose-leaf editions
  • Review copies
  • Credit notes
  • Agent commissions
  • Materials accounting
  • Inventory management
  • Digital archive
  • Statistics and reporting
  • Remuneration