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HUP Avasis - Optimal workflow and low costs for your magazines

Cross-media advertising - Success with individual customer targeting

Sales is the core process around which we have aligned all features for ads and cross-media advertising. HUP Avasis helps you entering orders quickly, even during the sales pitch, giving you information about cross-media allocation opportunities, pricing and discount options, as well as reports from monitoring the competition. A workflow for reliable and efficient order fulfilment, from motif management and document delivery to invoicing, completes our advertising package.

Screens. Save time and energy.
Our principle especially applies to the structure and content of the key screens. You only process the information you really need for your daily work. HUP Avasis supports you with special input wizards.

Navigation - Success is just a few clicks away

HUP Avasis takes you where you want to go in a few self-explanatory steps. Invoicing, archiving and despatch are automatically performed for you with a click of the mouse. Wizards guide you through more complex tasks such as setting up alternating shipments or individual data queries.

Publisher Marketing. Secure market shares.
HUP Avasis provides you with figures and statistics for your market at the touch of a button. Information about ordering behaviour and contact history are the basis of your success. Effective process management, task-oriented reminders, and the pooling of all available information support your individual customer targeting.

Advertising, reader services, despatch - Simply everything

HUP Avasis covers all areas of modern publishing. Your customer is at the heart of everything. Every contact, every offer and all contracts are assigned to your business partner – from subscriptions, supplements and ad contracts to delivery suspensions and invoices.

Address management. Less is more.
Duplicate addresses are a thing of the past. Our software checks addresses automatically. HUP Avasis organizes corporate hierarchies with branch offices and departments. Contacts are assigned to them and accurately displayed.

Distribution & subscribers - Efficient processes

HUP Avasis offers you a modern and complete platform for the distribution of your objects, starting with the efficient management of subscribers and creation of delivery documents for the widest range of shipping options, to the convenient organisation of alternating shipments.

All benefits at a glance::

Hierarchical address management

  • Customer file/archive
  • Customer data base with target group clustering
  • Complete history for all contacts
  • Reminders and workflows

Sales support & marketing

  • Task and appointment monitoring
  • Precise, intuitive target group selection
  • Import and export data
  • Address pool management
  • Success monitoring


  • Fast entry in the system, with list of suggestions
  • Delivery suspensions with extension or refund
  • Freely definable billing periods
  • Advertiser management, readers-recruit-readers campaigns, free trial copies

Alternating delivery

  • Adjustable restrictions


  • Postal distribution item ELN/SLN (with and without pallet formation)
  • ZEBU (manual)
  • Postal newspaper item and wrapper
  • Reduced-rate printed matter
  • Circulars, letter delivery, fax and email


  • Cross-media order management
  • Automated quotation workflow
  • Print document management, digital job docket
  • Contact history, editorial mention
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Agent's commission and agency fees