HUP Advertisements - Advertisement management with high flexibility and functionality

Convenient ad management - With a system

HUP Advertisements is a multi-client capable standard solution, developed according to the business partner principle, which reflects your individual requirements. All the relevant information is managed and updated using a shared data base. The data base keeps all general business partner data on the one hand, and their respective order and/or production data on the other (e.g. projects/objects, issues, placements and bookings). Build in automated services range from the management and maintenance of master data for leads, advertisers, agencies and representatives to multi-step, alerts-driven complaints management (for ads). A given customer’s order history can be retrieved in seconds and provides valuable support in sales talks. Your agents can access all this information at all times in the various departments that handle order processing and billing.

At the same time, HUP Advertisements is a professional, comprehensively utilisable information and marketing system (integrated CRM) that actively supports you in the sales process.

Advanced order entry - Find what you’re searching for

Whether the ad is booked for a new or an existing customer – the logically structured input mask, which is individually adaptable, supports you in recording oder and customer data by automatically displaying additional information or supplying them from the database.
The content (motive) of the ad is entered directly into the same input mask. For classified or standard ads, the program automatically processes the typography and calculates the price based on the price structures entered in the system.

The publication dates are looked up automatically , quickly entered or selected with a click of the mouse. All fields are automatically validated. If the desired publication date is not available, the user is immediately notified, but without disrupting the workflow. When entering the order, you can already specify whether ads are to be simultaneously published in various channels like online and print channels with several editions and different publication frequencies: in HUP Advertisements, combinations of editions are just as easy to plan as individual bookings. The correct total price for the ad booking is calculated in real-time and is shown to the agent as an invoice preview, allowing them to immediately give the customer all the information required.

All benefits at a glance:

  • Manage cross-media bookings
  • Put information to profitable use
  • Comprehensive view of your customers
  • Plan and carry out successful campaigns

A broad spectrum of services - Here’s a selection

Enter and manage all kinds of ads: print, online and mobile – cross and multichannel

Address management, multiple bank accounts, contact persons, payment methods, contact management (CRM), accounting information and order history

Store service features, payment terms, prices, stagger discount, payers, cost centers, publication calendars, the proceeds assignment, VAT codes etc. in the system

Numerous user support functions such as search in individual queries, plausibility and credit checking, cipher processing, automatic discount calculation, multiple Bookings per order and channel, publication calendar and agent assignment

  • Billing, DME billing and agent billing
  • Contract settlement, individual statements, global statements, multiple recalculations (+/-)
  • Easy und customizable creation of various reports
  • Contract management
  • Invoices and credit notices for ads
  • Account management, outstanding payments reminder, balance checking
  • Accounting/allocation and interfaces to a multitude of financial accounting systems
  • Build in editor for classifieds, template and compex ads