Location-independent side assembly

Production in real time

For newspaper, corporate publishing and other media houses. Massive relief in everyday editorial work through flexible newspaper production in real time.


  • Anytime, anywhere access to real-time production
  • Simple operation via browser
  • Direct exchange of editors possible in combination with HUP editorial office
  • Kiosk/slideshow mode
  • System-independent use
  • No licenses required
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The daily scenario in many newspaper editorial offices: In the ongoing production process, the pages of the respective issue are printed out and hung up for viewing. Unfortunately, those who are not on site have no access to the layout, content and ad placements. In addition, it is often not possible to work on a page simultaneously from different workstations. With the HUP Portal Solution PS.Digital Page Mirror, editors at modern publishing houses can view pages on their screens in real time, regardless of location. The Portal Solution therefore also ensures optimal integration into the creation and coordination processes for editors and correspondents abroad. The tool, which was developed together with users, offers simple operation via the browser – either by mouse or touch via PC, Mac or tablet, as desired. An infinitely variable zoom facilitates precise work and helps to complete the respective pages more quickly.

In combination with the Basic Solution HUP editorial staff can also communicate via direct messages. This facilitates direct exchange between all employees working on the respective page and prevents errors. PS.Digital Page Mirror is designed to ensure faster processes even in your system environment. It is not tied to specific upstream or downstream systems.

In addition, the online editorial team can track in parallel which topics in the upcoming print edition are relevant for the medium’s website and duplicate them in a straightforward manner. Media houses are completely flexible when using HUP PS.Digital Page Mirror. Use via the browser is system-independent, and no editorial system licenses are required.

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