PS.eWorxx – From ad typesetting to publication

The new generation of advertising production

Time saving, more security, work simplification and quality optimization
in ad creation, typesetting and production

As fast and secure as never before. Your optimal advertising production with PS.eWorxx
Optimization of workflows and processes – from ad production to ad typesetting to ad production, incl. time recording per ad. An important feature in home office times.
The top software developed by HUP takes order data from the ERP system (ad management) and prepares it for the production employee in such a way that he or she can determine within seconds which steps are pending for the next production and, above all, in which processing status the tasks are.

Search, find and process faster

With just one click, the display opens in the stored layout program in the size ordered (Adobe Indesign® or HUP Editor). The typesetting data supplied with the job (logos, fonts, texts, etc.) are displayed to the production employee in the digital job pocket or job folder and are available for immediate further processing. This means that he can start designing the ad immediately. If an existing ad needs to be changed, direct access to the template is possible – making lengthy searches a thing of the past.

Best service for your customers

Once the ad is ready, the customer is notified by e-mail, including a web link, that his ad is ready for release. In the approval portal, a single click is all that is needed to make changes, corrections and final approval. Once approved, the ad is automatically forwarded to the commercial publishing and make-up system.

Stay fit for the future

With the help of PS.eWorxx, you can work with your internal and external employees regardless of location: The browser-based software is fully available at the production sites as well as in the home office.

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The benefits for you

  • All necessary data at a glance – time-consuming search for files is eliminated
  • Work independent of location
  • Greater satisfaction among employees
  • Higher security & fewer errors
  • Best overview of the status quo of the tasks to be completed
  • Workload planning of employees or teams
  • Faster work preparation

Planned extensions

  • Feedback to commercial or publishing systems for sales
  • Role concept for structuring the communication and release process

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