Modernize your Insert Warehouse Management

Fast – mobile – online – browser-based: Our new insert warehouse management

Lugging paper lists from the publisher to the printing house? That was once!

Do you still send paper lists to your employees in the insert warehouse to manually check off inserts that have arrived, or are you already completely modern and do this with Excel lists? Do these lists then have to be entered manually into your distribution system? Then simply say goodbye to these procedures. Use PS.Warehouse, a portal solution specially developed for these tasks together with our customers – the perfect complement to your publishing software.


Trust is good, control is better – and now even easier

“To avoid problems in the tightly scheduled workflow of your production, you and your employees need an easy-to-use tool for fast processing. Here, the secret lies in the display of information: Display everything you urgently need, but hide everything superfluous or only display it when needed – at HUP we call this “targeted omission,” says Arno Nix, Managing Director and Head of Development, HUP GmbH.

“During the development of PS.Warehouse, great importance was also attached to good usability on the tablet, so that employees can move around the warehouse as freely as possible and still complete all entries conveniently and comfortably – without paper lists or slips of paper.”

PS.Warehouse is your new tool for managing insert warehouses in your media house

Warehouse receipt – a delivery arrives
Via tablet, smartphone or laptop, your warehouse employees use PS.Warehouse to check the current day’s orders in clearly prepared lists and dashboards for various parameters such as:

  • Size
  • Weight
  • Suitability for the packing machine
  • Quantity

Release for processing
If the check is successful, the pallet packing slips can be printed out and the inserts thus marked for further processing. All this is done via an intuitive interface – and best of all, you only need Internet access, not a fat client to connect to your publishing system. Everything runs over a secure Internet connection and still ends up directly in the connected distribution system.

For more information, please see the PDF on the right – we would also be happy to show you PS.Warhouse in a live presentation.

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