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Unbeatable channel-independent publishing

The new, modern modular CMS for publishers with daily newspapers, advertising journals & corporate publishing offers. With the portal solution PS.Content your journalists can focus on their core competence again and at the same time save a lot of time in the competition for the best content quality and exclusive content. As a perfect complement, PS.Content#Portal serves as a platform for your valuable content.

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“PS.Content in use at Oberpfalz Medien” – In 3 minutes you will learn how easy multi-channel publishing is with PS.Content.


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HUP’s new Content Management System (CMS) ensures that the content created is published in all desired channels and output forms. This allows journalists to refocus on their core competencies while saving a lot of time in the competition for the best content quality and exclusive content: Researching, writing and publishing information.

  • Channel-independent topic, text and asset management
  • Integrated editorial and resource management
  • Automatic preparation of events and content from external sources such as Facebook, Twitter, agencies, press releases and RSS feeds
  • Automated preparation of content while it is being routed out to the respective channels
  • Monitoring of planning in the control center for all channels and editors
  • Summary of response (click-through rate, read duration, call-up history, … ) to previously published content in a dashboard

Save valuable time during production
The Portal Solution consists of several perfectly coordinated modules: Events and information from various channels (reader reporters, freelancers, news feeds (RSS / DPA), social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)) flow into the news desk. They are automatically filtered, aggregated and clearly broken down for the editor according to topicality, resonance and relevance. In this way, the editor can quickly identify hot topics and developing trends.

Professional publishing at the click of a mouse: Topic and Resource Management
This module of our CMS allows you to include current and planned topics or events in your reporting. These are supplemented with resources, content and editors to form an overall plan. Already in this step, the editorial team chooses in which channels the topic will be published later. Content can be played out automatically, time-controlled in different channels.

Channel-independent editor and asset management system
An integral part of our CMS PS.Content is a channel-independent editor as well as an asset management system, which takes over the administration and organization of the content. Texts, images and other media are no longer edited per channel, but entered or assembled completely channel-independently.

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