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Complete solution corporate publishing

Your future-proof, browser-based CMS and editorial system. This way you can easily publish across channels.

Produce faster and more easily with more margin

The future belongs to corporate media – and thus to all companies, their departments and agencies that drive journalistic and periodic corporate communications with an owned media strategy.
Telling the story of a brand, brand development, stories, services, new products in all channels in a media-specific way and yet with an economically sensible expenditure of resources and time, and delivering them in a targeted manner, is a major challenge in the age of digitalization.
And hasn’t the coronavirus pandemic just shown how important it is to be able to produce, market, publish and distribute independently of time and place at an early stage?
Fast, reliable, uncomplicated, networked, multichannel-oriented, resource-saving – and margin-increasing: The need for future-proof software solutions to serve online, in print, via audio or moving image media for customers, employees and members from a single source is growing.

Based on its decades of expertise as a developer for several hundred publishing houses, HUP has set up a proven and ultra-modern system that offers your company everything from a single source: the Portal Solution PS.Content. A CMS with which you are already optimally positioned for tomorrow, which relieves your editorial staff and gives storytelling the all-important space.

You (of course) have a functioning software landscape, we know that. And yet it makes sense to deal with the next level now. In terms of content and structure.
Let’s talk to each other – it’s worth it!

Some highlights at a glance (excerpt)

  • Easy to use, easy to learn. We focus on intuitive software and self-explanatory processes.
  • Channel-independent editor and asset management system: You create the content – exactly once in one place. PS.Content takes care of the extraction and preparation for you.
  • #Insights: Insights into user behavior and the effectiveness of published content in real time in a simple, intuitive and understandable dashboard.
    Integrated topic, task and staff planning. Whether photos for an article or articles for a topic. All management is done in PS.Content. Outlook/ICAL connection included.
  • Image clipping? Automatically and in the right place! In PS.Content, relevant image areas and image borders are defined. In this way, different image sections can be created responsively in a targeted and device-optimized manner. On-the-fly and people always keep their heads!
  • Event database and portal, online playout platform and much more. A whole series of additional modules allows to turn PS.Content into a complete online portal with community function and event data calendar.
  • A fee management is integrated directly in PS.Content.

In the video (only in German language): The CMS “PS.Content” – Multichannel publishing of the most modern generation


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