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The modern editorial system

As a complete editorial system, HUP Redaktion supports your editors with the greatest possible variety of functions to optimize the creation of modern media products. Different tools like the automatic where-used lists of used objects (photos, agency reports etc.) or the automatic grouping of text and photos facilitate the daily work.


The features of our editorial system at a  glance (small excerpt)

  • Simple, fast production without prior knowledge or training time
  • Supports layout and content-first working methods
  • Ideal combination product for PS.Content when it comes to print products
  • Own integrated, template-based editor
  • Optional support for image optimization solutions such as: Colorfactory, Intellitune, and Amendo
  • Unicode, OpenType, NEWSML G2 support
  • Multi-user capability: Simultaneous work with multiple users on one page
  • Output of content for print, ePaper, online, newsfeed, …
  • Optional integration of Adobe products InDesign and Photoshop (CC Edition)

Many years of experience with numerous customers such as “Der neue Tag” from Weiden, the city newspaper Augsburg, the Wochenanzeiger Munich, etc. have allowed our expertise in the implementation of projects and support to grow steadily in the subsequent years of use.

Our focus is on optimizing the time-saving production of print products without layout knowledge. High efficiency is ensured by the possibility of several users working on one page at the same time. This means that everyone involved can reach their goal more quickly. Magnetic guides, automatic image cropping optimization by linking to industry-standard image optimization programs, and the direct jump to Adobe InDesign or Photoshop are all integrated as standard.

The integrated object browser keeps all objects in the editorial system available for all editors. Using a full text search, photos, own articles, agency reports, etc. can be searched in a matter of seconds. Each editor in HUP Editorial has his own “virtual” table: the “tablet”. Objects that are currently needed or will be needed in the future can be stored here.

PS.Content as a super modern supplement to the classic editorial system
HUP’s classic print editorial system is perfectly complemented by our content management system PS.Content and the playout platform PS.Content #Portal. Be sure to check out PS.Content if you’re looking for the next-generation editorial system.

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