HUP Wage Services - Efficient, cost-conscious outsourcing of your payroll accounting

A complete benefits package

HUP COMET Wage Services is the best choice for companies that wish to outsource their payroll accounting – temporarily or in general – in an efficient, cost-conscious way.

The service is also ideal for bridging temporary staff shortages in payroll accounting. Users use the same software as the HUP data center. The advantages of this include smooth startup without time-consuming adjustments to interfaces or data synchronization, ensuring optimal implementation results even at short notice. This makes it possible for your employees to start right away, with no need to get used to a different display of payslips. Work can continue on smoothly.

Other available solutions include COMET PKP Personnel Cost Planning, COMET RK travel for expenses and the COMET PI personnel information system – this gives you a comprehensive full-service offering for all matters relating to payroll accounting.

Excerpt from the range of services:

One-stop, optimum service quality

• Enter and update company master data
• Enter and update employee master data
• Carry out monthly wage and salary accounting including recording vacation days, transaction data, etc.
• The monthly document and data package also includes digital payroll slips for the payroll office and employees, alternative proof of income by email, as encrypted PDFs directly to employees
• Payroll journal – optionally broken down by cost center
• Booking list for Financial Accounting
• Contribution estimates for health insurance
• List of health insurance companies and corresponding contribution statements
• Reports of social security contributions
• Requests for sick pay and maternity pay refunds
• Vacation overview etc.
• Annual financial statements, wage and salary accounts