HUP WebSubscription - Perfect online subscription management

Subscription orders - automatically better

Your customers can choose from various offers (print and digital) and place their subscription order. They will then automatically receive an online account. Postal addresses are automatically checked for correctness and deliverability, and the correct price is determined.

Complaints. Use the opportunity for contact.
Your customers can enter complaints about one or more publication dates and leave reasons for complaints as well as they can compose a free-text message. A compensation delivery can be handled online as well. You decide whether and for how long your customers can view their complaint history.

Interruptions - a key service

Your customers can interrupt their subscription online or donate the newspaper to someone they know or to a good cause during that period. It is also possible to get an ePaper for the period. Any overlap between interruption and redirection periods is automatically checked and the earliest possible date determined.

Redirections and change of address. It’s all handled.
Your customers can redirect a subscription to an address of their choice without a lot of extra work for you. Address verification, detection of any overlap between interruption and redirection periods, and the determination of the earliest date of redirection are all carried out automatically. If your customers want to set a date for changing their address and billing data, HUP WebSubscription determines the earliest possible changing date and verifies the address and bank details.

The complete solution - for communication with end users

The HUP WebSubscription admin’s customer portal is a complete platform for communicating with your end customers. Besides the standard features in the subscription area, a link to the HUP Marketing solution makes it possible to integrate the web portal into your CRM strategy.

Perfect connectivity. Heterogeneous system environments.

  • Responsive design = optimised for mobile devices
  • SSO = integrates into existing CMS systems
  • Open standard interfaces = integration with 3rd-party sales systems
  • Shop link = users can order standard and special subscriptions including rewards

Single sign-on - one login for everything

The HUP portal login using HASSO (HUP authentication and single sign-on) provides access to the entire personalised area – including print subscriptions, e-papers, paid content, web ads and other services offered by your company.

For new registrations, our development team has integrated convenient login wizards that support self-selected login names and passwords. This eliminates the need to send login data to existing customers. You save time and score points with your customers.

Seamless integration. For more individuality.
HUP WebSubscription fits seamlessly into publishers’ existing websites. Special templates allow for designing all pages to match your individual CMS design.

Direct transmission - with maximum security

All online transactions are either transmitted directly to the production database or stored in a web database and manually approved using an administration interface after verification. This lets you fulfill any and all individual security criteria with minimum effort.

WebServices. Easily to integrate.
The campaign management features of HUP CRM can also be used in the web process. HUP WebSubscription uses web-services and can therefore be connected to other sales systems. This ensures that you are and always remain flexible.