HUP Online Ads - The online advertising portal for modern media houses

HUP Online Ads portal designed for modern media companies.

Seamless integration - For more individuality

The “anytime” solution.
HUP Online Ads fits seamlessly into publishers’ existing websites. Special templates allow for designing all pages to match your individual CMS design.

Direct transmission - With maximum security
All online transactions are either transmitted directly to the production database or stored in a web database and manually approved using an administration interface after verification. This lets you fulfill any and all individual security criteria with minimum effort.

Full Service - 24/7

Round-the-clock service is a matter of course in e-commerce. An online business that cannot completely process an order with all details like a binding order confirmation within a few minutes is quickly questioned. Customer’s trust and all the previous, expensive and complex work quickly end up without a successful order.

Simple and clear concepts such as HUP Online Ads will help you to obtain optimum sales performance and a high level of customer satisfaction.

Your customer has a choice - You’re guaranteed success

Increase customer loyalty by demonstrating transparency and getting them involved. With HUP Online Ads, you offer your customers a comprehensive, uncomplicated tool. They can view their personal data, settings, and orders in their private section, can copy orders with a single click, upload their own photos and logos and personalise designs. Your customers can easily determine the optimal price-performance ratio for their bookings.

The price and rate calculation is done via the HUP application server provides reliable results every time – in exactly in the same quality as your advertisement system. Upselling functionality (“Your advertisement could also look like this...") specifically lead your customers to new and economically even more attractive design and placement options.

B2B - For professionals

Commercial business partners have individual and sensitive requirements. They can manage their own customer-specific templates, pictures and logos in their specific user accounts and receive pricing information that precisely reflects their conditions, including discounts and commissions.

HUP Online Ads automatically sends out order confirmations, account statements and adjustment documents by email. Software products used by partners (publishers, websites and agencies) can be hooked directly using an open XML interface. Yet another HUP solution that gets you there faster.

Single sign-on - One login for everything

HUP Online Ads interfaces with HASSO (the HUP authentication and single sign-on service) and provides access to the entire personalised area using one common user profile for all parts of the portal – including print subscriptions, e-papers, paid content and other services offered by your company.

For new registrations, our development team has integrated convenient login wizards that support self-selected login names and passwords. This eliminates the need to send login data to existing customers. You save time and score points with your customers.