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HUP MOBILE sign - Allow your customers to sign with a handwritten digital signature

Paper is so yesterday

Let your customers sign digitally from now on.

More business - Digital is faster

Nowadays, many business activities are transacted without direct personal customer contact. Online orders and phone sales have become commonplace because they are quick, easy and save money.

All that is true until you need a signature from your customer. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a contract, an order confirmation or a SEPA mandate – mailing the documents creates an inevitable delay and can lead to a termination of the process. HUP Mobile Sign gets you there faster – guaranteed.

One-touch technology - One system for everything

HUP Mobile Sign allows creating the document to be signed on the computer and digitally sending it to the customer by email. If the recipient of the form has a smartphone, tablet or a device with touch-screen functionality, they simply can sign the document using their finger.

Give us a try: we have set up a demo environment at which guides you through our new HUP MobileSign service step-by-step using a sample form for a trial subscription order. This lets you experience first-hand how easy and quick the process is, and at the end you get a signed trial subscription order.

Here’s how it works: in the demo environment, simply enter your name and a valid email address that you can access with your smartphone or tablet, then save your settings and get started. Saving causes the system to create a link that is automatically emailed to the customer (or in the demo environment, to you).

You use your finger to sign on the touchscreen and send the document. Immediately afterwards you will receive the completed signed document by email. It takes less than 2 minutes – we promise.

HUP MobileSign - Possible uses

  • Subscription orders
  • Employment contracts
  • Final agreements
  • Orders
  • Confirmations of receipt