HUP MDE App - Fragenkatalog
HUP MDE App - Routenplaner

HUP MDA App - Increase your knowledge of the households in your area by mobile data acquisition

Many benefits thanks to mobile data acquisition.

Target groups - Marketing without scatter losses

The HUP MDA app gets you there faster: the most straightforward system gives you detailed knowledge of the households in your area! With the new HUP MDA app (mobile data acquisition) you know more about the households in your distribution areas giving you a decisive competitive advantage.

List of questions - Freely definable

You define a digital questionnaire for your customers in your distribution areas. Your employees automatically receive the questions on their tablets, including the area in which the survey and data collection is to take place. You can freely define the questions to be asked.

The sequence is always the same:

  1. Go to the specified location
  2. Start the survey
  3. Select the answers

You can specify whether the answers should be multiple choice or open ended. Multimedia files (photos, video and audio) can be added to the answers. The HUP MDA app can also be used as a survey tool for use in pedestrian zones and to support research for editorial content. Your employees navigate to the designated starting point using the route planner feature and start the survey.

Online and offline . True independence

The HUP MDA app can be run completely offline, i.e. without data connectivity, so your employees can work without a mobile signal. The data is entered and processed. Once a data link (mobile or Wi-Fi) is available, the data is transmitted to the associated processing system.

Our HUP MDA app also works with non-HUP publishing software – so you can use it with the publishing software you already use at your company.

HUP MDE App - At a glance

  • Increase your knowledge of the households in your region with the HUP MDA app
  • Use this knowledge profitably by targeting your customers with more precisely tailored offers
  • Compile your own individual questionnaire to make sure it includes the information that is important to you
  • Use the HUP MDA app for surveys in pedestrian zones to get up-to-the-minute information for your editorial team
  • Add multimedia files (photos, video and audio)
  • You can also gather the desired information in areas with poor mobile network connections, thanks to the HUP MDA app’s offline capabilities