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HUP eInspector - Online-Routendarstellung Vogelperspektive

HUP eInspector - For an even better grip on your distribution quality

Your virtual distribution inspector.

For the optimal monitoring of your delivery agents by GPS-Trackers.

Route optimisation - Reach your destination faster

HUP elnspector is your new virtual distribution inspector. Our solution gives you full control over your delivery routes. You can see in seconds where improvements are needed and feasible – and all without face-to-face meetings at the site.

New options. Better control.
The HUP elnspector uses GeoFences to let you know if a delivery agent enters a defined area or did not enter at a specified time. So you can always be sure that the products will be delivered at the scheduled time. From now on, you can commit to specifics for your customers and can monitor compliance with them.

You have the choice - Efficient processes

Choose how you want to view your terrain – satellite or map, hybrid or 3D. Display only the details about each track point that you want: date, time, speed, path. Then create precise time and distance analyses that allow you to prove the quality of your delivery.

The maps’ high level of detail allows specific conclusions about the distribution to be made: which streets aren’t being delivered to? What areas might be worth distributing time-limited trial subscriptions to? The end result is your sustained sales success!

Security. For your employees.
An integrated emergency call button and microphone allows your employees to contact a number of your choice to request help within seconds in an emergency.

Data protection - Absolute security

  • The online portal ( only displays the tracker IDs without any names.
  • The assignment of tracker IDs and transaction data is only known within the publisher’s operational control.
  • The delivery agent only activates the device when they start work and turn it off again at the end of the route so only the relevant distance is documented.

Technical requirements - Quickly operational

  • None except internet access
  • No in-house database or installation
  • No administration
  • The HUP elnspector is delivered fully ready for use (turnkey software solution)

Good reasons. Why wait any longer?

  • Cost savings in monitoring delivery agents
  • Sales arguments when selling ads and supplements
  • Increased delivery quality and thus fewer complaints
  • Can start using it immediately
  • In the SaaS model (software as a service), the solution is accessed online
  • Simple and efficient monitoring