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Outstanding live status monitoring.

Distribution areas - Always up to date

HUP DQA-Online provides live status monitoring of your distribution areas. View the status of delivery in your areas at any time in your personal section of the portal. From now on there is no longer any doubt whether distribution has already been accomplished (GREEN), has not yet begun (YELLOW) or whether there is perhaps a problem now occurring during distribution (RED).

Status alerts - Optimize without losing time

You get a list of free to call dial-in telephone numbers corresponding to the number of monitored areas. The delivery agent dials the HUP DQA-Online phone numbers of their territory using their mobile phone for the following status reports:

  1. Starting delivery
  2. Problem with the delivery, request callback
  3. Delivery successfully completed

The status messages in your personal section at are structured by coloured distribution areas – and are updated in near real-time.

Why not give it a try right now, for free: the site contains free trial numbers. When you call a number, the status change for that territory is shown immediately on your screen.

HUP DQA-Online - At a glance

  • No investment in hardware or software
  • No additional technical requirements for your hardware or software
  • No dependence on the sales software you use
  • Low monthly flat rates depending on the areas monitored
  • Easy operation, no training downtime
  • Phone numbers are provided by HUP DQA-Online
  • The technical handling of incoming calls is carried out at the data centre and does not impact your in-house system landscape