Workshop on the topic of tax and digital media

Date: 07.11.2014 | Author: Alexander Kiszelya

Many media companies offer their customers a free digital copy in addition to their print products.

Until now, the rule applied here was that the VAT rate of the primary service is decisive. Now, however, both services must be taxed separately, following a decision by the Federal Fiscal Court. This will likely make the offerings not only unprofitable, but will also have a significant impact on parts of the software used.

In our Workshop on VAT application for digital media on 27/11 we will identify several models, such as how a different tax application for a subscription (combination subscription) must be built into the software (our product AVASIS already supports this functionality); or the challenges that online product offerings present to customers in other EU countries.

The workshop will make you and your business fit for the future!
The workshop on 27/11 will be held in Mainz at HUP AG, and starts at 9 o'clock.
Attendance is free.



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