"Our newspaper is on the table of every household"

Date: 19.08.2014 | Author: Alexander Kiszelya

Der Redaktionsleiter unseres langjährigen Kunden, der Elbe-Jeetzel Zeitung, Hans-Hermann Müller hat der „drehscheibe“ ein interessantes Interview gegeben.

The editorial director of our long-standing customers, the Elbe Jeetzel newspaper, Hans-Hermann Müller has given "drehscheibe" an interesting interview.
Read what he has to say here, on the success of the Elbe Jeetzel newspaper, local news coverage, and the theses of media researcher Christian Jakubetz.

drehscheibe is published online and in print by the Federal Agency for Civic Education in cooperation with the Local Journalists project team. At, you will find good local journalism ideas and concepts - and therewith your place.


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