Lively debate at the circulation managers table

Date: 22.10.2014 | Author: Alexander Kiszelya

Successful HUP Circulation managers table in Braunschweig with much valuable information and interesting presentations.

"There were good and intensive discussions". Ulf Henke, HUP CEO, thanked all Circulation managers table participants, for the lively discussions during and after the lectures at the end of August.

HUP AG has gathered up the valuable information and will immediately provide all interested participants with a summary of the individual presentations, on request.

In the introductory lecture by attorney-at-law Ulrich Conrady, we were informed about the current legal situation and the risks. The many highlights of the day included the presentation by Mr. Harald Koch, Head of Logistics at the Hof/Coburg/Suhl newspaper group, who explained how in the newspaper group the minimum wage issue has been circumvented, and described this in his practice report.
Then Miriam Henry from the Haiberg GmbH company spoke, giving examples of the use of GIS systems in publishing.
At the end of the exciting and informative day Torsten Börner and Dirk Westenberger presented the numerous sales professionals present with the solutions proposed by HUP regarding minimum wage - and in the process of this, also the HUP delivery portal (OLIS), the HUP MDE app, HUP VQS Online and HUP eInspector - from the comprehensive total portfolio from HUP.

For a cosy and enjoyable finale to the successful, free for participants, Circulation managers table, Turkish specialities were provided, amongst other things.



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