Case Study: my-buddy, the reminder app

Protects against iPhone loss

A life without the reminder app my-buddy-app? It’s possible, but pointless. On a business trip, on the way to an important customer meeting, the date with your partner is not fixed yet, it’s grandma’s birthday – and you leave your iPhone wherever.

No stress, never happen to you again with my-buddy app from HUP. If you have an Apple Watch and this app, buddy will remind you in less than 60 seconds after the connection is lost. The app connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and gives you a visual and vibration notification when you lose your connection. You then also know what time it happened and the approximate location – provided you allow the use of GPS.

If you would like to use the service for yourself and your employees, please contact us:

If desired, my-buddy-app also protects other Bluetooth Low Energy devices like MacBooks, tablets and Bluetooth Beacons. The only requirements are the installation of the app, an active Bluetooth connection between the charged devices, the unlocking of GPS and system versions from watchOS 5 and iOS 11 on the devices.

Life without my-buddy-app? Possible, but pointless.


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