HUP GmbH – History

A short look back

Take a journey with us into the past – from the start of HUP to the present.
With numerous in-house developments, innovative ideas, mergers and acquisitions, we have successfully expanded our portfolio and comprehensive consulting and IT services for numerous daily newspaper, advertising journal, magazine publishing and payroll accounting customers since our founding in 1984.
Today, with around 100 experts, HUP is one of the market-leading software developers for media houses and many other companies, which we support in their digital transformation – all the way to 360-degree marketing concepts and their cross-media implementation.

It all started with HUP founder Ulf Henke and his partners.


Der neueste Spross der HUP: REBLZ Consulting

Die immer weiter gestiegene Nachfrage nach ganzheitlicher Beratung u. a. bei Medienhäusern, mündet in der Erweiterung der HUP um den branchenübergreifenden Beratungs-Bereich REBLZ Consulting. Die aktuellen Versionen unserer Verlagssoftware P7 für Tageszeitungen, Anzeigenblätter und Magazine wird für neue Browseroberflächen vorbereitet.


Change of name & foundation of agency

HUP’s portfolio is further expanded through the founding of “wahn&sinnig”, the agency for brands and communication | After the departure of founder Ulf Henke from the HUP Supervisory Board and the change of name, HUP AG becomes HUP GmbH | Release of HUP’s first cross-industry app for Apple’s iPhones and Watch, the reminder app: my-buddy-app | The Paradise publishing software is released for installation in version P7


A Content Management System from HUP: PS.Content

The development of HUP’s first content management system, PS.Content, begins. As a supplement to the classic editorial system for print titles in editorial departments of daily newspapers, advertising journals and magazines, it is implemented as a cross-technology and cross-location system that runs in the browser.

Mergers, the Cloud and Apps

The year of the merger with compass Gesellschaft für Medientechnologie mbH from Mainz with its focus on publishing software in the area of ad management, subscriber management and sales/distribution for daily newspapers and advertising journals. Likewise, in the same year, HUP announced the merger with Freitag Software GmbH from Coswig with its expertise in accounting software, in particular the payroll accounting software comet PA for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This gave HUP an even broader product and customer base. Cloud solutions are introduced and the first apps go into development.

The subsidiary comes home

HUP increases its shares in the Dutch subsidiary HUP Benelux B.V. and also takes over the management.

Further company acquisitions and participations

The merger with the company gypsilon from Aachen and the takeover of Dreger & Partner GmbH determined the year 2009 in addition to the participation in Freitag Software GmbH.

HUP goes Benelux

Foundation of the company HUP Benelux B.V.

Merger and change of name

In 2006 the merger with Cardo AG and the change of name to HUP AG takes place.

Paradise publishing software is released

The popular Paradise publishing software, used by numerous daily newspapers for handling logistics and professional subscription management, is released in version P5.


The expansion progresses

After the takeover of mpo MediaSolutions GmbH in 2002, HUP acquires Cardo AG in 2003.

Focus on publishing software

Since 1999, HUP has focused on the creation, implementation and project planning of publishing software for daily newspapers. Newly added are online applications in the area of software for daily newspapers, magazines and book publishers.

Europe we are coming

HUP is pleased to welcome its first publishing customers from other European countries and to expand its international business.

Paradise P3 sees the light of day

P3, an authoritative version of the Paradise professional publishing software for logistics and subscription management, is released.

Standard Publishing System with the Abendzeitung Munich

Together with the Abendzeitung in Munich, HUP develops and presents the Standard Publishing System.

Foundation of HUP as Henke & Partner GmbH

IT expert Ulf Henke founds Henke & Partner GmbH as a system house.

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