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HUP Subscription Generation Model

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The HUP Subscription Generation Model is an innovative top-down view of your subscription figures generated so far and at the same time a forecast for future development – with concrete do’s & don’ts to optimize results.

The challenge
All publishers with a subscription offering are familiar with the challenges that have been growing for years: It is essential to be able to precisely estimate the influences of new customer advertising and conversion on the total subscription circulation of a newspaper or magazine.

The solution
The HUP Subscription Generation Model visualizes the relationship between new acquisition, shelf life and total subscription circulation. For this purpose, the HUP Subscription Generation Model uses the division of the subscription base into generations according to the start of the subscription.

Concrete answers to the most important questions!

  • Where was the publisher successful, where not?
  • Does this explain the circulation situation?
  • How is the conversion from trial to fixed subscriptions managed?
  • Which fixed subscriptions are offered depending on the previous subscription?
  • How are the quantities to be converted determined?
  • How is cancellation recovery managed?
  • What is the estimated and used potential from the terminations?
  • Is the subscription management master data adequately maintained?

Basis for decisions for the future

  • What circulation planning is realistic and how can it be implemented?
  • How much marketing budget is required for a chosen circulation scenario?
  • How can the existing accesses be optimally converted and thus utilized?

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