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HUP Page planning - Page planning for professionals

HUP Page Planning helps you perform standard processes faster than ever before with a variety of automated and configurable features – from generating page and chapter headers to automated pagination for thousands of classified ads and much more.

You focus on creating the best possible product; our solution will coordinate the rest.

Easy handling - High performance

The simplified handling resulting from years of experience greatly reduces training time and accelerates the performance of routine work.

For example, 1,000-page telephone books have been automatically paginated in next to no time with HUP Page Planning.

Visual support - See what you’re doing.

Our shared goal is a perfectly designed newspaper page.

The display of all content (editorial, advertising, fillers) happens in real-time and WYSIWYG mode. HUP Pageplanning has a direct interface to Adobe InDesign and the HUP Editorial System.. With HUP Page Planning, you always have the full overview and control of the status of pages and objects like ads that may still be missing. Once an ad has run through the correction workflow or a page comes in from the editorial / design department the final result is immediately displayed on the screen and the page can be automatically exposed.

HUP Blattplanung - Everything at a glance

  • High Performance
  • Automatic generation of page headers
  • Automated rubric and chapter dependent header design
  • Automatic exposure as soon as the content arrives from the editors/typesetters
  • Real-time display of the content and status
  • Direct control of Adobe InDesign
  • Multi-user capable
  • Background ads (large ad as a backdrop for other ads)
  • Online reservations calendar for ads

PRIME Inferface - THE standard for everyone

Of course you can also buy HUP Page Planning with a certified PRIME interface, which automatically assigns the print profiles to your PRIME-enabled printing machine, without the need to manually enter them.