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HUP Editorial System - THE editorial-system

Structure your work - stay creative

HUP Editorial System supports your editors with maximum functionality, to optimally enable the highly professional creation of modern products.

Our software quickly becomes an indispensable tool that promotes the creative process in the editorial department. Various tools such as the automatic listing usage tracking of objects used (photos, agency reports, etc.), or the automatic grouping of text and photos, facilitate daily work.

One object browser - to access everything

The integrated object browser keeps all objects on in the editorial system available for all editorial staff. A full-text search allows you to search for photos, your own articles, agency reports, etc. in seconds, saving time and eliminating the need for painstaking filing systems or long searches for the right object.

Each member of the editorial staff has their own ‘virtual trayable’ in HUP Editorial System where objects that will be needed immediately or soon can be stored and organized.

The fact that multiple users can also work simultaneously on a given page also enhances efficiency. So everyone involved can get there faster.

State-of-the-art features - perfect support

HUP Editorial System will delight your editors and magazine production team daily. Magnetic guide/grid lines, automatic optimisation of picture details through links to standard picture-optimization programmes, direct connectivity to Adobe InDesign and Photoshop are standard for HUP Editorial System.

HUP Editorial System will help you, too, become becoming a driving force in the industry.

Cross-media & online - everything under control

• Channel-independent content management (text, photos, video, etc.)
• Corrections across all channels (one-time change for print and online)
• Geo-tagging of images and text
• All file types can be integrated online (PDF, MP3 , etc.)
• Channels: print, online, Facebook and Twitter
• Support for online-only and online-first publications

Get there faster - all features at a glance

• Unique variety of features
• More resources and capabilities for even more creativity
• Optimal processes speed up your daily business
• Built-in object browser for accessing/retrieving relevant data
• Multi-user capable
• Includes all industry standards such as NEWSML NewsML G2
• Optimum integration with other HUP solutions
• Freely configurable XML interface for import and export