comet ePA

Personnel file with a future

The electronic personnel file for your future-proof HR management.
The digital transformation poses major challenges for HR departments. From data protection regulations to the need to provide transparency at all times and to be able to archive all data in a legally compliant manner. During our kick-off meeting for the topic-related customer scrumble in May 2018, the basics for functions and requirements were documented. The solution is called comet ePA – electronic personnel file, which increases work efficiency and offers security.


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A selection of the features at a glance

  • Cross-location access from the office, from the web or via app
  • Simple installation and intuitive operation
  • Audit-proof processing, management and archiving of personnel documents
    Lightning-fast full text and keyword search
  • Keywording
  • Integrated import interface for comet PA Improved data protection
  • Automatic versioning
  • Change history through log functions
  • Authorization / role concept
  • Audit-proof archiving
  • Certified document management
  • Differentiation between active / inactive (retired) employees
  • Automated creation of employees in the back office (Classic System)

The basic requirements include minimizing errors and risks such as damage, inspection by third parties, etc. through automation, mapping the employee lifetime cycle at the click of a button, and providing a wide range of search options.

A clear dashboard is available to the HR manager at all times. Document capture is conveniently implemented in the handling and facilitates the assignment of scanned or digitally captured documents via drag & drop. The professional keywording of documents and an intelligent access concept have been taken into account, as have the interfaces for transferring the personnel master from payroll programs and for exchanging documents in the file (earnings statements, social security statements, certificates – especially from comet PA). The deletion of temporary documents, among others, is also automated.

Further expansion stages with extensive features are planned for the comet ePA:

  • Virtual file view and scrolling function via integrated PDF reader
  • Integrated workflow functions for the purpose of monitoring the business transactions that arise for the documents
  • Integrated scanner function with direct filing into the file (via barcodes & OCR recognition)
  • and much more

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