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Successful migration to P7

Mühlacker Tagblatt and Börsen-Zeitung up to date with P7

Mühlacker Tagblatt and Börsen-Zeitung are two examples for the good decision to work with the used Paradise publishing software on the latest level. And when the MT-Verlagsleitung of Karl Elser GmbH sends out the signal of how satisfied they are with the progress of the project, everyone has done everything right.

“We are very satisfied. The migration to P7 as well as the entire course of the project were completed without any problems within the given time”, emphasizes publishing director Joy Neugebauer. The praise – for which we are very grateful – was preceded by the migration to the new version of the HUP Paradise publishing software at the “Mühlacker Tagblatt” in autumn 2019.

The “Börsen-Zeitung” also went live. The editorial staff and publishing team of the financial newspaper of the publishing association WERTPAPIER-MITTEILUNGEN Keppler, Lehmann GmbH & Co. KG is now working on the latest system, a new server, as part of the migration from 5.5 to 7.0 and is benefiting from the advantages.

P7 generally replaces the previous version P 5.9 and symbolizes how extensively the expansion has been designed with new components – especially in the areas of security and transparency to make the processing of complex data even more convenient. Optimized screen design, increased performance and a high level of security are what P7 users expect.

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