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28. January 2020
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5. February 2020

New design trends for HUP agency customers

Visit to the “blickfang” in the Hamburg Deichtorhallen

What design has to do with publishing software and payroll services? Everything! And nothing! It is clear that where people get more benefits to feel more comfortable at work, navigation, user guidance and image worlds are equally important to inspire the user. Therefore the Hamburg team of wahn&sinnig, the brand agency of HUP, has looked around for HUP and agency customers at the “blickfang”, which closed its doors after three days on Sunday, January 26th, to reopen in March in the next city.

“Live your individualism” is what the “blickfang” organisers are calling for. Well, for design-oriented people, this is certainly a good statement, especially since the design fair is pleasantly free of Vitra, Knoll, Kartell & co and no other brand labels are buzzing around here either. Once again, a pleasantly fresh view of the new interpretation of old and proven awaited us, which could be admired in parts at the Hamburg NordStil around two weeks earlier, albeit with the local flair of the capital of understatement. There and also at the “blickfang” it becomes clear: the worlds of colour are changing, but fans of proven old pink meets grey tones in all variations still get their money’s worth. They can be curious how this will affect the product design (not only) of HUP.

A total of 150 designers from textiles to jewellery exhibited. At the “blickfang” the founders and creative people are still on site themselves, with all the advantages and disadvantages. The designers do not work together with producers but are responsible for their designs from the first idea to the finished product and distribution at the “blickfang” or in the online shop belonging to the fair itself. This shows what this freedom unleashes and how it simultaneously restricts. So the attentive observer takes a lot for himself here.

Beautiful and well (designed) – what did it bring? The trend towards simplifying complexity is being pushed further in many cases. Good! This is not a new approach in the age of digital transformation, but we all – whether developers, programmers, sales teams and marketing professionals – must take an even closer look at the needs of the consumer. At HUP we have initiated further external steps, among other things by revising the logo and reducing it to the comprehensive basic statement “We digitalize future”. And all of us together are far from reaching the end of the road so that our customers – you and your publishing staff, editors, delivery staff, readers, your colleagues in production, the onliners and the sales force – can be even more successful on the basis of the digital software systems, services, IT structures and marketing and marketing ideas developed by HUP. We are working on it, are you participating? We are looking forward to your comment and your contacting wahn&sinnig.

The next “blickfang” is in Basel in March and in Stuttgart in April.

Picture source: blickfang

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