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29. November 2019
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17. January 2020

Good news for publishers

7 percent VAT on digital press products

The publishing world had made a warning appeal that the government draft of the annual tax law threatened to make the general situation in the publishing industry even more difficult: Now the relief is almost noticeable.

As in print, digital press products will receive a reduced tax rate of 7 percent. This consequently affects apps, websites and ePaper – also in the form of individual publications – as well as bundled offers of books, magazines and newspapers from databases (single sign-on).

VDZ President Rudolf Thiemann rejoices that the Bundestag is strengthening “our free and diverse press landscape” with this decision and: “This takes into account the reality of the digital press.
The fact that the outcome was so positive seems to be due to the publishers Monika Grütter, Minister of State for Culture and the Media, and the state governments, which had made themselves strong in the Bundesrat.

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