Meet HUP at the BVDA Autumn Congress
23. October 2019
21. November 2019

HUP at the 2019 BVDA Autumn Conference in Saarbrücken

Even more services for advertising publishers

There was reason to celebrate: The Saarländische Wochenblatt Verlagsgesellschaft took 60 years of Wochenspiegel as an opportunity to bring the BVDA Autumn Conference 2019 to the state capital of Saarland. Certainly not a bad idea. The friendly big city, the event in the Congresshalle as well as the opulent evening event in the impressive industrial cathedral “Alte Schmelze” with 2-star chef and classic pop girl group offered a worthy and beautiful setting.

As a premium sponsor member, HUP had a stand on site, whose location directly at the (snack) buffet promoted calorie intake. Compliments to the organizing team of the fair, the set-up and dismantling was pleasantly uncomplicated.

After the charming and usual greeting of the exhibitors and sponsors by BVDA managing director Dr. Jörg Eggers and his team at the respective stands, the event could begin. HUP was represented by a larger team, as a total of around 250 publishers, publishing managers and executives had registered for the conference. The official opening by BVDA President Alexander Lenders began with a strong statement: “In terms of household coverage, locality and push effect, advertising journals maintain their unique position among the regional media”. But the congress motto “Future agenda of the advertising papers” was not long in coming: the success model of the local weekly papers was endangered in the medium to long term. The reasons are the changed framework conditions and the “immense cost increases” due to minimum wages and more expensive raw materials. The publishers would have little or no economic influence on this. The association and its members want to proactively promote digital change.

The advertising paper industry should also focus even more strongly on sustainability. An association initiative on climate protection with a package of measures such as energy consulting to increase energy efficiency in companies and a C02 calculator that enables publishers to balance emissions should have a supportive effect.

The lecture program was also worth seeing and listening to this year and was well received. For example, HUP COO Marko Oette presented tools for obtaining KPIs from user behaviour on the Internet in Conference Room XII. Which topics work? Which target groups are addressed and who is our reader? If you could not be in Saarbrücken, you are welcome to have the presentation personally explained to you again. Just send an e-mail to sales@hup.de and we will get in touch with you. The second topic was automatic title page planning & ad placement, which makes it transparent online and in real time which ad spaces are still available.

Solutions for advertising journals from HUP
HUP also had other new solutions for advertising space publishers in its luggage. On our website you can inform yourself about the advantages of the HUP logistics portal PS.Delivery, the editorial system PS.Content and the complete solution Weekly Solution Suite (WSS) including the editorial system HUP Redaktion, HUP Blattplanung & Umbruch, the commercial ad management HUP Anzeigen and HUP Logistik. You are also welcome to download our folder, which also informs you about the smooth and cost-effective processing with the HUP accounting solutions, such as the payroll software comet PA, our asset accounting comet FA, the financial accounting solution comet FI as well as our service offer comet Lohnbüro informiert. This allows you to optimize your payroll accounting, personnel cost planning and asset and financial accounting with all the advantages of a proven business standard solution. Certainly efficient and legally compliant, also in the form of our outsourcing offers, if someone is absent at short notice or you no longer want to dedicate yourself to the constantly growing dynamics of payroll accounting.

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