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20. August 2019
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HUP AG offers Informatik AG at Braunschweig comprehensive school

At the Wilhelm-Bracke-Gesamtschule in Braunschweig, many pupils like to go to school. After the first Future Day in 2019 came into contact with the wonderful world of computer science, the idea was born: Informatik AG.

“We want to get young people excited about information technology,” says HUP board member Arno Nix, describing the goal.

With Informatik AG, especially for secondary school 1 (grades 5 and 6), HUP AG is expanding an idea that already emerged during the future days. The very high commitment of HUP AG with a total expenditure of around 130 hours was so well received by the participants that with Informatik AG every year several children have the opportunity to inform themselves, participate and get to know information technology.

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