Oracle Changes Java Licensing – Information for HUP Customers
17. May 2019
A life without my-buddy-app: Possible, but full of risks …
3. June 2019

beBETA – with the HUP you can move a lot with the power of your thoughts.

Newspaper Digital” becomes beBETA. The BDZV Digital Congress 2019 in Berlin on 5 and 6 June is to start a new era. The HUP will be there. You too? Then play Mindball with us.

beBETA, formerly “Newspaper Digital”, is intended to provide space and expertise to further develop the digital business – operationally and strategically. The BDZV has set itself ambitious goals for its Digital Congress in Berlin on June 5 and 6. Either way, we are back and invite you to a mindball match. Can you move the ball with the power of your thoughts? It’s all a question of concentration! You will be thrilled.

If you would like to meet our team and HUP board member Dirk Westenberger – just send a short mail to . We are looking forward to meeting you!

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