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A life without my-buddy-app: Possible, but full of risks …

You are on a business trip and the iPhone is at home. As an Apple Watch owner, you can now forget this, because our latest development protects you from loss. my-buddy-app is a new reminder app that reminds you about your watch already before loss that the device has broken down.

my-buddy-app: HUP development ensures that you never leave your iPhone lying around again

News from the HUP development department in Braunschweig: If you have ever been on the road unintentionally without your iPhone – whether on a business trip or for a private appointment – you know how dependent we all are now on the smartphone. Whether we like it or not.

Now you can save yourself the hassle of searching and prevent your iPhone from being unavailable. If you wear an Apple Watch and have downloaded our Reminder app from the AppStore, you will be reminded visually and by vibration in less than 60 seconds that the Bluetooth connection between the two devices has been lost. So it’s clear: your iPhone isn’t in the immediate vicinity. my-buddy-app, buddy for short, lets you know where it is if you allow the use of GPS. Up to 20 devices such as iPhones, MacBook, tablets and Bluetooth beacons can be networked and protected against loss.

A life without my-buddy-app? Possible, but full of risks.

So it’s best to download it right now from the App Store. More information about my-buddy-app can be found here …

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