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12. April 2019
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17. May 2019

Easy Sert: Simply better with HUP interface

At Frankenpost Verlag (publishing group Hof / Coburg / Suhl / Bayreuth) inserts are a popular form of advertising for local companies. In the course of modernizing the process from manual loading to a machine process for daily newspapers, HUP AG was commissioned to develop an interface for the EasySert insert inserting drum from Ferag AG.

Ferag is a Swiss family-owned company that specializes in the development and manufacture of conveying and processing systems for direct mail. Frankenpost Verlag already uses EasySert for direct distribution, since the end of 2018 for advertising journals and now for daily newspapers.

The developers at HUP AG, who accompany the ongoing changeover process, which has been extended to other daily newspapers of the publishing group, have created a customized connector for the communication between the HUP solution Abo & Vertrieb (P5) and the Ferag system.

In addition, HUP provides the Ferag Insert Optimizer program with the data from P5 regarding insert, package size, object, tour, etc. In this way, the capacities of the system can be optimally used when exchanging inserts in the feeders.

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