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12. April 2019
Between HUP Digital 4.0 and Digitization
12. April 2019

HUP customers get new P7 publishing software

The HUP developers have been working on the latest update of the established publishing software for over twelve months. P7 is now available and replaces the previous version P 5.9. The jump to P7 symbolizes how extensive the expansion with new components has been. The update prioritizes security and transparency in order to make the processing of complex data even more convenient.

Highest technical security
With P7, HUP customers receive up-to-date software and frameworks that offer a high degree of security and protection against external attacks, e.g. through the use of the latest Java versions.

Greater transparency and more orientation for faster data management:
Many optimizations are visually invisible for the specialist who manages the most important publishing customers, the subscribers, with the HUP system. On the other hand, users will notice the further improved screen design, which allows them to optimally manage the increasing complexity and volume of data. The selection of the displayed facts, which is really necessary during processing in order to be able to deliver effective and customer-oriented results, is controlled individually. In addition, fonts in the system can now be adapted even more easily and much more. In the background, performance has been improved, a new Java version has been implemented and the required infrastructure has been minimized.

The conversion to P7 will be carried out by the HUP team in cooperation with the customer’s IT department. The coverage of possible expenses is defined in the maintenance contract. HUP customers can of course extend their maintenance contract accordingly in the course of the P7 introduction. Version 7.1 is planned for autumn, in future there will be an update twice a year. This means that HUP customers will always be up to date with their Paradise system.

Dirk Westenberger, HUP board member: “In the course of the changeover to P7, HUP customers can dispose of their potential inherited burdens in the area of their (subscription) software and thus optimize the entire system with manageable effort. The best possible and secure administration, maintenance and management of subscribers as the basis for the economic future of media companies has top priority. We therefore recommend that publishers, even those who do not yet work with Paradise, implement P7 as quickly as possible”.

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