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12. April 2019
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Between HUP Digital 4.0 and digitization –
Dirk Westenberger speaks plain language

Digitalization is another turning point in the history of mankind. By 2020, there will already be 50 billion objects and products that interact digitally and form a rapidly growing “Internet of things”. This means that a gigantic business and savings potential is emerging. In practice, it is initially economically risky and drastic steps that medium-sized companies have to take. However, there is no time for stagnation. The HUP AG has numerous possibilities, products and services for the organization of the digital future of publishing houses and other enterprises exactly for these needs.

HUP Digital 4.0 and digitization – is it the same, is it derived from each other or how do you define this strategy?
Dirk Westenberger: Digital 4.0 describes a new area for HUP AG in which we want to help publishers and other companies to digitize even more processes. Processes that go beyond the digitization by our publishing software in the HUP area think media. These areas are characterized by digital services and outsourcing and are less likely or only partly likely to be led into an economically profitable future by software products. The term Digital 4.0 is consciously based on the topic of working environments 4.0. New approaches are also sought and found here. Accordingly, HUP Digital 4.0 includes areas such as finance from the incoming invoice workflow to employee-related document processing, administrative processes such as incoming mail and contract management, digitization of content, rights management, especially for book publishers, editing and proofreading. Especially in the last point, outsourcing is a digital process.

What is new about the approach of outsourcing proofreading?
Not the need in itself, but in the way we implement it and for whom. For example, the use of external editing is not yet established, at least for newspaper publishers. The expectation of readers to receive an edited product is clearly there, but as a rule editors have been or are rather saved. Here the quality of the newspaper is at stake as one of the main arguments for the right to exist.

Certainly, HUP AG has not gathered hundreds of Germanists in one building who are waiting to receive reading material. How can you, for example, offer this proofreading service at a reasonable price but still at a high level of quality?
We have direct access to profound German proofreaders worldwide. As a rule, the service is affordable in other countries, from which the publishing customer benefits, and above all can be used 24/7. In 60 minutes, an article is cleanly edited and online.

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